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The Composition Of The Wiring Harness

For ease of installation, maintenance, to ensure that the electrical equipment can work under the worst conditions, the entire vehicle electrical equipment used by different specifications, different colors of the wire through a reasonable arrangement, the integration of the wires and insulating materials to bundle into bundles, so that both complete and reliable.

Normal selection of wire sectional area and color standard

1) The correct selection of the sectional area of wire The electrical equipment on the vehicle chooses the sectional area of the wire used according to the load current.

Long-term work of the electrical equipment can be used to select the actual load of 60% of the flow of electricity, short time work of electrical equipment can be used to load the actual flow of 60%-100%.

2) The choice of wire color standard

In order to facilitate identification and maintenance, the wires in the wiring harness use different colours. In order to mark conveniently in the circuit diagram, the color of the conductor is indicated by the letter, and the color of the representative is noted in each circuit diagram.