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Komatsu excavator engine burning oil failure common causes

Komatsu excavator engine burning oil analysis:

     If the oil consumption exceeds the specified value, the exhaust cap emits blue smoke, and the carbon deposit in the cylinder increases, it can be judged that the excavator burns the oil. This fault is mainly caused by leaking and burning oil.

     Komatsu excavator engine burning oil failure common causes:

     1 The clearance between the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too large or the backlash of the piston ring in the ring groove is too large.

     2 The clearance between the valve and the valve guide is too large or the valve seal is effective.

     3 Oil leakage on the sealing surface of each component of the engine.

     4 crankshaft ventilation is poor.

     After the overhaul, the twisted ring or the tapered ring is reversed.

     Komatsu excavator engine burning oil failure repair method:

     1 Repair or replace the piston, piston ring and cylinder.

     2 Repair or replace the valve and replace the valve guide or valve seal.

     3 Check the possible oil leakage surfaces of the engine components.

     4 Repair the crankcase ventilation device.

     5 Reinstall the piston ring.

What should we do to avoid similar failures in the daily use of Komatsu excavators? In addition to the inspection and maintenance of the excavator in accordance with the specified time, the excavator should also be used in accordance with the correct operation method.